Andreas Würsching

Andreas Würsching


Andreas Würsching

1988 Highschool diploma

1996 Double Diploma at the German Bundesfachschule für Orthopädietechnik as Master of Bandagist and orthop.Mechanics

1996 till 2001 : 5 years in Industrie  : 

Seminars and international teaching (Europe,North Irak,India,Bangladesh,USA,Mexico),

Research and implementing carbonfiber prepreg techniques,

Productmanagement joints and orthotic compartments,

Head of servicefabrication of orthotics

 2001 CEO Kuca zdravlja d.o.o. Zagreb specialising in  orthotics for children and scoliotic bracing

2014 SOSORT member  

2018 organizer SOSORT Dubrovnik/  winning  SOSORT Award

 Regular publishing articles in OT magazin and presenting findings/research as speaker  (OT World /ISPO DACH)